Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Journey through the mind of LUKE!

                       Journey through the mind of ME!                                               (Luke)
                     For our first writing task we did a story called                               The journey through the mind of us we had to describe us                                   and what we do at certain time.
                              Take a trip inside my mind
Take a trip inside my mind, with crazy and imaginative ideas   
 that will blow you away.     

At times my, mind thinks of what could happen and what has happened before.   

I have a mind that keeps going at what its doing until my mind can't handle it.    

I dream of what I could change in the world and make a difference to the world   

I wonder if people will invent teleporters to travel around the world.  

My hope  is to be a professional tennis player and win a grand slam with people shouting my name. “Luke,Luke,Luke.”  

I can often be caught playing tennis and making sure that is right.  

When no one is watching I sing music and turn it up really loud.   This year I want to do everything I do to the best of my ability. Luke Winter

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