Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing to the unknown soldier

Part of our Inquiry was to write the unknown soldier. We had to use complex sentences  short powerful sentences and paragraphs.

This below is my Writing to the unknown soldier.

To the unknown soldier  

 I'm writing to you because I want you to know that on the 25th of April for the last 100 years we have been remembering you and your effort. Your effort that has made our country free with no war. You have sacrificed yourself so that we can all run around without having to worry about war.

I do not know what your name is, but I do know that you would have found it a struggle. How did you feel when you went to war? We have heard some of you thought it would be an adventure. I guess they were wrong. Was it scary putting on your uniform for the first time or did you feel proud to be representing your country.We have heard that some of you felt proud and like a hero.

I wonder if you were there to bury the dead or were you the dead being buried.  Were you a soldier? We have learned that some of the soldiers had to carry a gun and about thirty kilograms on your back and that some of the soldiers had to live with rats, mice and lice. Gross. Although  it would have been very hot and sweaty, did you cut your uniform.

I can not imagine how hard it would have been to fight in those conditions and you were one of those that fought and went really for a pointless reason. War - which killed all those hundreds of thousands of innocent people that were just trying to do as they were told and got killed.

I’m only 11 years old. Warm, safe and dry thanks to you. I thank you very much for your heroic effort.

Yours sincerly
Luke Winter

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