Thursday, 28 May 2015

We had to write a quick write about this photo it won the Auckland photo competition and is a very good photo. We had to use complex sentences like serial sentences,opener sentences, and interrupter sentences we also had to use short sharp sentences this is my writing.


                                                            The Jump

 As I walk over the undulated wharf, with no shoes on, the city as a backdrop. As I walk forward, with my friends by me watching. I hear the waves forcing against the wharf. I see boats, buildings and fish. I think to myself should I be doing this could it be dangerous and then I think just do it it’s not that bad.

I set, Prepare, and lunge. As I fall, I felt so free. So alive. My arms were wide apart stretched out and flying through the sky. Then I realize that I’m about to hit the water and hope it won’t be too cold. I hit the water with pace and get covered in cold refreshing water.  As I popped out of the water, I felt so refreshed and alive. I had done it. I was so proud of myself, I could have done it again.While I was trying to get back up, and slipped and fell into the water and got a fright, I thought to myself just take your time. I tried again and succeeded. I got to the top and felt so awesome like I had achieved a new goal. I did it.

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