Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Smash

                                                                   The Smash
                 We have been trying to make a poem with verbs, 2 stanzas, each new idea                                                              on a new line and as much limited words as possible.
                                                           Here is mine it is about the smash.

The Smash
                                                Its tied
                                                Set each stuck on the scoreboard
                                                6-6 in 3rd, match point
                                                The crowd is silent, tense
                                                Everyone off there sets
                                                Watching intently
                                                Waiting for end result
                                                I prepare myself for what might happen
                                                I wait
                                                As ball travels up towards me.
                                                I Set,
                                                Ready to unleash my power
                                                As it gets closer to me
                                               I explode up into the ball with acceleration
                                                Which forced the ball back with more power.

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